First Impressions: Biscuit Head


Often, opening a new restaurant leads to trying too hard or having to come up with the concept from scratch.  Biscuit Head doesn’t have that issue as they built on an established brand.  Originally established in 2013 in Asheville, NC, their Greenville outpost recently opened in the South Ridge complex on Church Street, just outside of downtown.  This is the first Biscuit Head location outside of the Asheville area.  The great thing about Biscuit Head is that they do one thing, breakfast/lunch/brunch dishes, and they do it well.  The restaurant would be classified under the fast-casual label that is such an area of growth these days.  Orders are taken at the counter, you are given a number, and then you find a table.  When we stopped in, there was no line.  Since it’s not a sit down and order place, I would suspect if there is a long line, it moves fast.

You’ll find the menu laden with biscuits of various kinds, from plain to smothered in different toppings and meats.  The amount of gravies that you can order is so vast that they even offer a Gravy Flight.  You can also top the biscuits yourself with various jams, jellies, and butters from their jelly bar or the various hot sauces scattered about the restaurant, including one made from Wicked Weed beer.  Jelly Bar                                                    Outside of the biscuit realm, there’s very few menu choices, all of which are breakfast/brunch items.  This is a smart decision by the Biscuit Head team.  It keeps the menu small, but also allows for diners to know exactly what they’re getting.  They won’t have to make the tough decision of “Do I want a breakfast item or do I want a lunch item?”  At Biscuit Head, every item is both at the same time.

I opted to order the Mimosa Fried Chicken Biscuit which comes with mimosa fried chicken, sweet potato butter, sriracha slaw, and a poached egg.IMG_2721

The biscuit was warm and flaky, if not a bit dense.  The egg was well poached, and the slaw added a bit of zing, but often got lost with the rest of the flavors.  Cutting into the egg, letting the yolk run and mixing everything together in one bite is the best way to go.  I also added some hot sauce to the top of mine.  The one flaw is that the biscuit sucks up most of the moisture that comes from the egg yolk.  I regret not ordering one of their gravies on top of the biscuit.

My wife ordered the GreenVillan (a biscuit with country fried pork steak and jalapeño cream cheese topped with bacon gravy, a sunny side egg, and pickled jalapeños) which is an exclusive to the Greenville location.IMG_2719

The pork steak was HUGE.  This one had an excellent mix of flavors as well as a lot of heat and textural contrast.  The gravy definitely added a needed moisture element to the dish.  To top it all off, it tasted amazing.  We also ordered a side of moon fries (home fries topped with midnight moon cheese) which were a nice side, if not a bit uninspired.

Greenville has needed more breakfast places that are open in the downtown area during the week and more interesting lunch and brunch destinations.  Biscuit Head is filling that gap with one-of-a-kind biscuit creations in a fun, casual environment.

Biscuit Head

823 S. Church Street, Unit C

Greenville, SC 29601

(864) 248-0371

Entrees: $5 – $9


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