First Impressions – Willy Taco – Feed & Seed


As previously stated, the Greenville area is experiencing something of a Taco Boom.  It’s becoming harder to find a niche within this food type.  As the recent closing of both Local Taco locations in Greenville shows us, if you don’t innovate or have good quality food and service that’s consistent over the long term, you’ll become another taco casualty.

Willy Taco, started in Spartanburg, SC in 2014, became enough of a local favorite that the owners decided to open their second location in Greenville.  Housed in what had been a feed and seed  store since 1934 at the intersection of East Washington Street and Laurens Road, Willy Taco invested somewhere in the seven figures to restore, modernize, and “Willy-fy” the mainstay building to turn it into a taco, tortas, and tequila palace.  Is this another taco flash in the pan or does Willy Taco – Feed & Seed have a chance to outstay the old tenants of its venerable building? Continue reading


5 Things I’m Looking Forward to in 2017

It’s a new year and everyone is doing these 2017 lists and whatnot and who am I to stop the raging tide of content that these lists produce?  I might as well go with the flow and add to the deluge so here’s five things I’m looking forward to in 2017: Continue reading

First Impressions: Tipsy Taco


At what point do we reach peak taco?  Greenville currently has two Local Taco locations, Gringo’s, the newly opened Cantina 76, the Automatic Taco food truck (who are also looking for a brick and mortar space), Willy Taco is renovating and building to open in the old Feed and Seed, White Duck Taco just announced that they’re opening in Hampton Station, and I’m sure there’s one or two I’m forgetting.  This doesn’t take into account places like Asada, Chicora Alley, Universal Joint, or any of the restaurants that have tacos on the menu but aren’t taco centric.  There’s a ton of traditional Mexican places as well.  So how do you distinguish yourself from everyone else in this crowded environment?

Continue reading

First Impressions: Ink N Ivy


When a new restaurant moves into town, one of the first questions is “Is it local?”  People are becoming pickier about where and what they eat.  They want to support the local places.  They can feel like they are contributing to their town or city, helping out someone who had a dream of opening their own perfect restaurant.  But what happens when “local” food feels like chain food? Continue reading

We Need to Talk About euphoria

This is the first article in the We Need to Talk About series, a critical look at topics involving food and drink culture in and around Greenville, SC that do not get brought up in normal media or are contrary to public opinion.  

For an update including the 2016 numbers, click here.

For the past few years, Greenville has been bringing in national accolades.  Whether it’s being called the “Next Big Southern Food City” by Esquire or one of the “Best Places to Live,” the plaudits for this small, southern town have been rolling in.  Most of these articles list the same reasons that Greenville is so great: The restaurants!  The revitalized downtown!  Falls Park!  The Swamp Rabbit Trail!  The outdoor festivals!  Ah yes, the outdoor festivals.  Usually, there are three festivals that get mentioned: Artisphere, Fall for Greenville, and euphoria.  euphoria (the little “e” is a stylistic choice by the people who run the event) is quite a different “festival” than the other two. Despite calling itself an “event” and not a festival, euphoria still gets lumped in with the others.  euphoria is an exclusive, expensive, and outward facing event.  We need to talk about euphoria. Continue reading

First Impressions: Biscuit Head


Often, opening a new restaurant leads to trying too hard or having to come up with the concept from scratch.  Biscuit Head doesn’t have that issue as they built on an established brand.  Originally established in 2013 in Asheville, NC, their Greenville outpost recently opened in the South Ridge complex on Church Street, just outside of downtown.  This is the first Biscuit Head location outside of the Asheville area.  The great thing about Biscuit Head is that they do one thing, breakfast/lunch/brunch dishes, and they do it well. Continue reading

First Impressions: Oakblue Kitchen

FullSizeRenderOne of the knocks I have on the downtown restaurant scene is that many of the restaurants have the same flavor profiles in their menus.  This is one reason why I was excited to hear that Oakblue Kitchen was taking over the space that once held both Guadalajara and Bravo! Mexican restaurants as it billed itself as crossing Korean and Southern barbecue.  When you walk into Oakblue, there’s no evidence that this was once a place filled with tacos and nachos.  There is, however, the aroma of smoked meat wafting over you as you walk in the door. Continue reading