The Lists

These are Top or Bottom 5 lists of pertinent food and drink around Greenville, SC.  Lists will be updated as tastes change, quality of subjects decline, or new entrants are found.

Downtown Greenville Restaurants (Updated 7/24/17)

  1. Hall’s Chophouse
  2. The Lazy Goat
  3. Trappe Door
  4. Chicora Alley
  5. Soby’s

Non-Downtown Restaurants (Updated 6/16/17)

  1. Southern Culture Kitchen and Bar
  2. Thai Restaurant
  3. Tipsy Taco
  4. BIN 112
  5. ASADA

Burger (Updated 6/16/17)

  1. Northgate Soda Shop
  2. Southern Culture Kitchen and Bar
  3. Trappe Door
  4. The Runway Cafe

Pizza (Updated 6/16/17)

  1. Tito’s Restaurant and Pizzaria
  2. Tony’s New York Style
  3. Pizza City
  4. Barley’s Taproom
  5. Bertolo’s Pizza 


Reasons for updates:

7/24/17: Took off American Grocery due to its closing, added Soby’s

6/16/17:  Halls overtook Lazy Goat for #2 spot in best downtown restaurant.  Took Dive ‘N’ Boar off non-downtown list as they closed.  Added Tipsy Taco.  Took Cheeseburger House off of Best Burger because they closed.  No additional restaurant added.  Tito’s took the #1 Pizza spot from Tony’s, rest of list remained the same.

02/10/17: Added Dive ‘N’ Boar back to the non-downtown list

10/06/16: Took Dive ‘N’ Boar off the non-downtown list as they changed their menu and concept so much they’re not the same restaurant and I have not been there yet.  Added Bin 112.